Gmail, the leading email service, like other Gmail Customer Service asks the users to keep changing the password. But why is this stressed so much is the question of many. Say, you have used you name as the password, and when you use it for your banking activities, the hackers can easily break open the email and ensure that some transactions take place. If you are not in town and enjoying vacation in a place where there is not wi-fi or no connectivity to ensure your peace of mind, you will lose it when back home. The hacker would have taken a nice chance of this and if only you have mentioned your absence in the social media it is as enjoyable as the Christmas had come early. Not only the hackers, you can never trust your colleague who sits next to you. There are always mischief mongers who access your email for fun and put you in a situation where you have to cut a sorry figure. The best way is to create a password that is complex and ensure that you change it periodically. You can keep your account safe and secured. But there are many chances that you lose track of the password you have recently created, and if you are not remembering it or when you want to change it, you can easily get this done. You can make use of the Gmail Phone Number reset option.

You just need to go to the page and the options are given there for the benefit of the visitors. Three options are basically available, one need to click on the feasible one. The first option is meant for those who had forgotten their password, while the second option is for those who are facing trouble in signing in to the account, the last option is created for the one whose account is hacked. All you need is to simply click the right option and move on by clicking on the “Next” button. You need not call Gmail technical support number or Gmail Contact Number for this. You can then enter the alternate email address to reset the password. This is the one which you have provided when creating the account. If you do not use this one, there are other options available too. If you have while creating the account registered your phone number too, then you can ask Gmail to text you the password or make a call and let you know about it. The password is then reset and you can create a new password.