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recover your Gmail account.

What is a Google Account? A Google Account is actually a user account which provides access to the Google owned services like Google Groups, Blogger etc. Google Account sign up will automatically create a Gmail account before Google accounts could create an email address. You can create an account in Google by signing up for the email address but other than this there are other ways are available as well.

What is Google Account Recovery?

Google account recovery is the process to commence when you lose the account due to hacking and to re-secure the account if there are chances to lose it again. To keep the track of the things, we all use passwords. Gmail password can get lost however it can be recovered by using numerous options.

Process For Gmail Account Recovery-Complicated and Hard to Understand: You can avail help from Gmail help forum via following given procedure:

Use Account Recovery Page:

  • First of all visit Google Account Recovery Page. If you are unable to recall the password or if you have contact number or some alternate email address connected to account, Google will send a link to password reset page. In case, you do not have any of these, go with other method.
  • Load Gmail page and Press ‘Need help?’ available under the login box.
  • Choose ‘I don’t know my password’. Enter Google Account email which you want to recover. If you fail to remember the username, choose an option in its place. Press ‘Continue’
  • Press “I don’t Know” or else, enter the last known password. By entering last known password, recovery process can be easily carried out.
  • Select recovery option. Recovery details will be sent to the alternate email address or to your mobile phone. Make sure that you have set this for your account to use them
  • If you have chosen for receiving the recovery information sent to your phone, you can receive it through SMS or phone
  • Enter the verification information. If you have chosen to receive a verification code through phone, you will be prompted to enter it. In case you have sent email to the alternate account, press the lock in the email you have received
  • Now, create a new password. After you enter the code, press the link, you will find a prompt to create a new Google password. Enter this twice for final confirmation. Press ‘Reset Password’ button to continue.

Don’t you think this process to be very long, tedious, difficult to follow if lacking in technical skills and bit complicated. You have chance to use simple yet calculative method with some other option.

Gmail Account Recovery Help from Experts-Simple and Easy-to-Operate: If you complain that forgot Gmail password causing tremendous issues, then you must take help from Gmail Technical Support under the guidance of experts and professionals. Gmail password reset through the experts available here will help in resolving password loss problem completely.