How to Send SMS from Yahoo Mail



Often we like to send out short messages directly from the email to the mobile phones of our recipients. May be we are not in a mood to write a long email and simply need to drop and inform the concerned person about anything important. In such an instance, the Short Message Service of email like yahoo comes to a big help.

Most of us do not know how to use the Yahoo mail SMS option. However, those people who know enjoy it largely. Nevertheless, if suddenly the SMS option stops working, what should you be doing?

You need to stop worrying about the SMS Bills as the Yahoo SMS allow you to send the free SMS with the help of the Yahoo messenger to your friends across the globe.

What are the steps that you need to follow to activate the SMS option in yahoo mail?

  • You need to add the contact’s mobile number whom you want to send the SMS
  • Click on the ‘display image’ of a contact on your Messenger List
  • You need to click on the Contact Details. In the space you will find that the ‘contact details’ box opens easily.
  • You have to include the country dialing code. For example, a phone number in the US begin with +1

As soon as you add the contact’s information and detail on the mobil3e, you can easily send a text message from the Yahoo Messenger window, from a Conversation window, or from Contact Details.

In the next step, you have to send text from the main yahoo messenger window

  • You have to select the contact to whom you want to send an SMS you would like to send a message
  • In the messenger window click on the option Actions and select the Send Message option as well
  • Type your message and simply hit the option Send

You need to send the text from the conversation window

  • You have to double-click on the contact you would like to send a message and then click on the conversation that a window opens
  • You have to click on the option Actions
  • Then select the send SMS message option
  • You have to type your message and click on Send

Next, you need to send text from the contact details

  • Click on the option “display image” of a contact on your Messenger List.
  • Next you need to hit the SMS icon
  • Then you have to move ahead and click on the Send option

For knowing, more about this sending SMS call yahoo customer service technical support phone number any time.



Outlook giving error in incoming mail


Emailing receiving error with Outlook is unusual, and if such problem is happening, you should keep a few things in mind. First of all, it is important to find the root causes behind such errors. If you can find the reasons for errors, then resolving them becomes easier. Error with receiving incoming emails indicates a few conditions. First of all, it could be server error with your email hosting service. If that is the case, then the error is a temporary one, and you shall receive the email soon. It could be space issues with your local hard disk drive. Delete junk files and clean recycle bin to receive the email file.

so if you are getting error then you can call outlook support phone number service to fix your email account.

Not Able To Recover Facebook Account

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. It is a great way of getting connected with people, friends, business persons and like minded persons. This virtual networking platform is truly fantastic, and that is why its popularity is rising extensively. If you are not careful with your username and password of Facebok, your account could be hacked. Hacking facebook accounts can cause immense reputational damages. So, if you cannot access your facebook, you need to go to the account recovery page immediately. Follow instructions and answer the security questions to get password changing or resetting link on your email associated with Facebook. You can call customer care number to get guidance for Facebook password recovery customer service.

Yahoo log in access invalid


Users face login related issues in Yahoo due to a plethora of reasons – users forgetting their user name, misplacing their account password, account is getting blocked due to security reasons and so on. In all of such cases the recovery mechanism is more or less the same wherein users need to first prove their identity by providing the correct keys to the hint questions which are registered to the account. Once the identity of the user is proved, the user would then be provided with a verification code using which they can reset their Yahoo account. Users can connect to the customer support team seeking their advice on the issue.  Issue in yahoo email then contact customer support service of yahoo to fix email account.

Roadrunner email accessing issue over phone

There have been many issues complained by users of Roadrunner specifically those accessing their mail applications on a mobile platform. The users have faced problems in their mail box not being in synch with that of the web server. Apart from that, there have been issues wherein the changes done by users to the mobile app are not reflected in any other platforms or devices, and remain restricted to the system. All such issues are related to the settings or protocols related to the mobile app. Users are recommended to browse through the support portals to be aware of the appropriate settings for such apps. call phone number support service of roadrunner customer to get back account.

Getting Problem with hangout solved

We all use hangout but we get error with hangout so you need to know what problem you are getting with hangout sometime photo and connectivity issue and below are some errors like

  • Signing in to or turning on Hangouts.
  • Sending or receiving Hangouts messages
  • Getting notifications for Hangouts.
  • Sending or receiving and text or multimedia messages.
  • Making a video or phone call.
  • Audio or video problems for a video call.
  • Downloading or sending photos.

So if you are getting the then you need to call gmail technical support helpline number to get back your account.

How To Fix Roadrunner Email Issues


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How to fix roadrunner email issues? In order to remove all sorts of hassles with the roadrunner then best way out is to quickly connect with the support team. By calling at the Roadrunner helpdesk platform it will be wiser for resolving all sorts of technical issues. Just ensure for dialing the road runner customer service helpline number in time of need and you will be able to handle severe tech matters in no time. You will be provided with immediate resolutions in time of urgent need, so consider for dialing the helpline number in time of quick needs and get best of all solutions instantly.

I want to change the signature in my email but there is no options button?

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